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Walking to Waterfall

Leadership trails

In samenwerking met OAK TREE ME

Voor bedrijven organiseren we Management- en leiderschapstrainingen. De programma's zijn ontworpen om de vaardigheden en capaciteiten van managers en leiders te ontwikkelen en verbeteren.

Deze programma’s dragen bij aan het effectief leiden van teams en het behalen van organisatiedoelen. 


Daarnaast richten we ons op het ontwikkelen van de capaciteiten die nodig zijn om een visie te formuleren, te inspireren en om een team of bedrijf te leiden. 

Tijdens de mountain training is persoonlijke ontwikkeling daarbij een belangrijk aandachtsgebied.

In samenwerking met Oak Tree Me organiseren wij Transformational Leadership Trails. Je leest hier wat deze trails inhouden. 


"We support individuals and organisations 

for their wellbeing, growth and transformation", Oak Tree Me.


Transformational Leadership & Purpose Trail is a unique program for those who are willing to stretch themselves to take the next step in their lives, who are looking for their WHY, and willing to open-up and go deep to reach their true potential.

The Trail will enable you to establish new perspectives and will open a new path to your inner source of leadership and creativity, through the support of trained and experienced facilitators and coaches.


This program is designed for anyone ready to make the next step in his/her life on a professional or personal level and who is willing to open up, discover and share. There is no specific fitness level or hiking experience required. We only need you to respect our Trail Essentials.


Theory U is the basis of our approach. Developed by Otto Scharmer (MIT) and his colleagues, Theory U helps people breakthrough unproductive ways of searching for solutions, and instead leads to profound innovation and change. Our objective in using this process is to enable you to find your “blind spot” and unblock your ultimate potential. Find out more about our process and the six building blocks that form the program.


  • Nature provides a profound source of intuition.

  • The analytical mind disengages, and the creative brain begins to engage.

  • A hike energizes your body allowing your blood to flows faster 

  • Reduces stress, improves your mood and enhances your mental wellbeing

  • Your senses are heightened enabling different parts of your brain to become accessible.

  • You trigger your biophilia, which helps stimulate your child-like curiosity

  • The outdoors is limitless and as such it provokes bigger thinking



  • Space for individual process

  • Respectful to nature and for each other

  • Mindfulness

  • Encouragement to feeling and sensing

  • Non-judgmental behaviour

  • Confidentiality

  • Simplicity (Basic- Humble)

  • Authenticity (Honest- Sincere)


Neem gerust contact met ons op of kijk op de website van

Walking to Waterfall


"I would recommend it to everyone! It was an overwhelming and great experience. The difference in exercises really allowed me to quickly get to the core of the things I want to work on. It was also very very enjoyable and rewarding. Life changing experience!”


"This Trail 

has given me 


completely unexpected, something I was not aware that was possible."


"The Trail benefited me in several ways:  1. More peace of mind, 2. More impact for the company, 3. More time to contemplate and strategise and use the knowledge from the MBA, 4. Less stress, more energy,  5. Better connection with the people around me due to more attention for them, 6. A clear growth path for the next year, 7. More respect within the company.

These benefits are valuable and visible. I am grateful to have had the experience of participating in the TLT"

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